We also pride ourselves on not just taking a photo, but truly making a memory so strong that when you look back on your photos you remember the feelings associated with it. Although, we do many portraits and lifestyle photos, we specialize in wedding photography. We love weddings because we get to showcase our favorite style, candids! We get to show you the best day of your life through the eyes of everyone who loves you and celebrated with you. Our candid approach will help carry that feeling you had after "I do" and make it last a lifetime. 

At Smallstream Photography we are friends! 
Our team of photographers are friends on your wedding day and friends on a Tuesday afternoon around a bonfire. We think that's what makes us special. We bring a sense of comfort and fun with us to every shoot. Our clients always end up laughing and having fun with us and complement our team . "It's like I'm hanging out with friends!" - we get that a lot. And it's true, we love building relationships with you all so we can be your photographer for all of life's milestones.

SmallStream  Team

a little bit about the

Hi! I’m Mikala!

I’m a mom to a puppy and wife to a human. I am a massage therapist by trade with a passion for people that translates into photography so perfectly. 

 I enjoy creating vibes and aesthetics that match who you are and what we are about. It is an absolute honor to share in special moments with others and capture them as keepsakes. As a second shooter and social media creator for SmallStream Photography, I have an eye for those photos that make you go "woah". I am always looking for those shots that truly make our brand unique and special!

Hey there! I'm Brooke
I'm a wife, foster mom, and a people person through and through. I love nature, adventures, and having genuine moments with people. My greatest joy is becoming friends with my clients. Getting to experience all of the moments with you truly makes my heart so happy. My goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible behind
 the camera and get you to see how stunning you are from my point of view! Raised in the mountains of Pennsylvania, I have found myself in Toledo. Transitioning to the "flatlands" has been a change but meeting you all really makes it worthwhile. Whether you're in front of my camera or looking at our work online, you are welcome for as long as you'd like!

Mikala Tyler

Associate photographer

Lead Photographer

Brooke Pratt