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We watched the weather nervously all day for this shoot. The sky was ominous and the rain kept coming. But right as our session started, the skies opened up and we got the coolest sky and a magical feeling in the air. Walking around Toledo's Botanical Gardens with these two was an absolute blast and so easy to capture the love between them. 

molly + nick's
after the storm engagement

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This romantic engagement shoot walks us through the Cleveland Museum of Art. Catch these two appreciate Irene's favorite painting, Frieze of Dancers by Edgar Degas and walk through hallways of history. Being with these two in such a stunning location was picture perfect as we made art in an art museum. 

irene & robert's
museum engagement

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These two brought the fun with them! This engagement shoot was  filled with youth and excitement for their big day. We started out with a couple not too sure what to do with their hands and ended with a dips and kisses without even asking them to! The connection between these two is fire. 

maddie & nick's
garden engagement

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Karli and Mitchell brings us back to timeless love stories. Highschool sweethearts, now beaming with excitement as the head to the altar. Maumee Bay state park did not disappoint for this vintage inspired shoot.

karli + mitchell's
vintage lake engagement

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"if you're a bird, I'm a bird." Notebook vibes, am I right? If you like this photo click that link below to view all of the epic and sweet moments we were able to capture between these two.

erica + brandon's
romantic hills and water engagement

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Erin and Natalie took us back to where the proposal happened! This spot means alot to these two and it was so sweet to be able to capture their love for one another. 

erin + natalie's
engagement spot


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